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We applied an epoxy protective coating to the floor of an art studio and spent considerable phone time with the company getting all the instructions and list of products to do this properly. Before the contractor ordered the products, he too spoke to the tech department to make sure he knew everything he needed to know about the product.

About twenty days after application, the color started coming off. We called and were now told that there was a "hardener" that should also have been applied. No one in multiple conversations ever mentioned anything about a hardener (which on website is labeled optional for use if heavy objects might be on the surface e.g. cars).

We had to redo the job and when we asked for the products (not the labor) to be comped, they refused--denying any responsibility whatsoever.

PLEASE be warned that this company will not stand by its products and has extremely rude customer service (they hung up on me when I suggested they should consider refunding the replacement products I was forced to purchase). Once they have your money, they consider the business relationship over.

Monetary Loss: $291.

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La Conner, Washington, United States #709407

Do not waste your money on this product. 13 months ago I completely stripped and used a diamond grinder on my garage floor.

I installed Top Secret coating and their clear top coat. After waiting 10 days I pulled my cars in and the clear top coat peeled off. They sent their Chemist to inspect the floor and his comments were: 1. I did an excellent job of prepping the floor 2.

There was something wrong with the clear coat, possibly a bad batch etc and that they would "take care" of it. He tried 2 different coating. He finally found a sample that appears to stay down and is holding.

Now I can't get a response from them. It has been 13 months and still no resolution.

i just looked at the reviews on top secret coatings and awaiting the arrival of 1200 dollars worth of this stuff for use on my concrete..i hope its not a disaster i will let u know i am scared to put it down now.. hope its not latex paint and some sand for aggregate :eek

I have nothing good to say about Top Secret Coatings marine paints. After following the instructions to a T, my paint will not adhere.

I have called the company,mailed a sample to them over 6 weeks ago with a promise to have the "chemist" look at it get back to me, and have heard nothing.

I spent over $500 on paint with them, and must grind it all off and do something else. Great website., crappy product and horrible follow up


I bought this paint to it says it will be the last ever use a paid over $800 for this I'd definitely wouldn't recommend I rented the machine from Home Depot rock the concrete to original put all their chemicals very very unhappy


Top Secret Coatings does stand by their product. I found the staff amazing.

I messed up my large commercial floor and they went out of their way to help me. They offer huge floor coating installations for about a dollar a square foot per coat. I messed up my floor, tried to paint it without being cleaned right, they showed up to help me repaint it right and fix it. This is a good company.

Thanks guys for your help... i will be using Top Secret Coatings again!


My son works for this company. They are a great company.

I know for a fact they go out of there way to make there customers happy from what my son says. He works in the warehouse where they manufacture and ship the product out. It is a good company that makes products here. According to my son the only reason they ever have problems with customers is when they don't use the testing kits.

He says about 1 percent of people who buy there products from TSC are because they didn't clean right. I guess you people posting these nasty things didn't do right by reading the instrutions.

But what is wrong with Pissed consumer to post a competitors mean spirited remarks. I love this company, they have given my uneducated son an good wage and life.

to Momma of Top Secret Coatings e #1419262



I used Top Secret Coatings floor coat system on our commercial job. I am pissed at these reviews, look Peter and his assistant came down and showed me how to use the moisture kit before i started the job.

Then he had me send it in, we got it back within a week... so we had to re clean it and then he came down again and even helped out with the job. He was an awesome guy, and Top Secret Coatings rocks. I needed some more material so i headed down and showed up and they made it right there.

No problems. I used a lot of other products like rustoleum and some floor coat paint that fell off.

I am guessing most these guys don't know how to paint floor coatings. I like this company, they even made me a latte why i waited for them to finish mixing the product.


We have been fighting the fraud behind top secret coatings for many years. They make nothing!

They buy paint and other coatings from other companies, re-can and re-label and often sell products that have no basis for the application.

This man knows nothing about chemistry or paint , and they are NOT suppliers to the government, they do not make any government or military spec coatings or paints. They have infringed on our trademarks, plagerized or DATA sheets and wind up selling house paint to unsuspecting consumers.Talk about giving an entire industry a bad name!

to Nancy Pierson, Sound Specialt #763989

This is an odd statement from someone who buys their paint from China, and doesn't even have a storefront. Jim, a one-time customer


They sent me the wrong colors and refused return due to policy. Not only was the invoice wrong but the materials in box did not match invoice.

I feel this was a blatant mistake and they are hiding behind there policy to screw over consumers. Buyer beware!!!!


I have previosly posted my negitive comments about Top secert coatings,As a update .The coatings we applied at the direction of Peter Harret are comming up six months after applying it. We did everything they said and it has failed,Based on my last dealings when they would not make good on a verified mistake by them, I am not even going to waste my time trying to collect on there bogas warranty.$ 3000.00 and weeks of work down the drain.

"Beware" when you purchase product out of state on the internet you have no recourse. Buy from a reputable paint company local if possible.


I am using their TS-710 and feel like I'm going to die. It says in their ad, "low odor".

Low odor to who, someone without a nose? I have used it two days in outdoors with a charcoal filtered respirator, rubber gloves, and a full body suit and 4 hours later I feel like I am going to vomit. That *** they are selling is *** deadly.

I am ready to walk off the job and sacrafice making alot of money for the sake of saving my health. Your ad is misleading to say the least


I also had numerous problems with this company spent nearly 3000.00 dollars and nothing but Greif,Wrong product shipped missing componets ,wrong color shipped and gave me such a hard time to replace then hung up on me,What a great guy, clear urathene set up so fast could not apply.Put us out of bussiness 3 weeks I am not a novice been in the building trades for 35 years worked with epoxy enamel latex and automtive coatings ,Good Luck collecting on the promised customer satifaction, Or 20 warranty Had I only done the researh would never have done bussiness with them to begin with .Better Bussiness gives them D+ personally a much better grade than I would Have given, Reccommend you buy from Local Reputable Paint Dealer


It's very revealing that the company's representative would maintain his assertion that neither the consumer nor the licensed contractor who originally recommended the product wouldn't adhere to the manufacture's guidelines but would rather spend needless extra time and money to fix the problem. As I stated earlier, the problems resulted purely from the company's withholding of key information that could have been imparted in the numerous phone calls with Mr.

Harrett. Again, if there was an essential product obviously missing in the order, why wouldn't the company make the consumer/contractor aware of that fact? It's apparent that the company is more interested in extorting as much as they can from consumers with additional applications and products than resolve an issue in a civil, businesslike manner.

I've urged the Better Business Bureau to investigate what may be an ongoing practice in the company to take advantage of consumers. Thank you.

Fermont, Quebec, Canada #73284
Let’s be honest. You forgot to include that you didn't listen to our advise to use the hardener recommended with this product.

You were told verbally AND this information is all over the website and on all application instructions and label directions. Moreover you covered an uncured liquid coating with tarps then wondered why it has discolored! You called yelling that you were ripped off then wonder why you were hung up on.

Get real. :?

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