This 10 year maintenance free service is bull. Every thing from the start was bad.

The paint pealed and chipped I was told it was moisture. I had a professional do the job. and did all the tests they asked but they still refuse to admit its the paint that is the problem. They were sent pictures and they still denied it was a paint problem.

At first they answered my email but not any more. I refuse to do any more tests they say I need to do as I am disabled and must pay for them.

Do not do business with this co. Your just spending big money for worthless paint.

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I love Top Secret Coatings company and its products. I messed up on a job and they showed up to make it right. How is that not standing by their warranty?


My experience with Top Secret Coatings, is i misapplied Aquapoxy 2 my not cleaning te floor properly. I was so distraught over spending so much and messing it up.

I talked to three guys there, they were all helpful and very nice. They offered to clean, repair the concrete that i overlooked, and repaint it for me. I really appreciated that. I was so upset and i never expected them to go out of their way like this.

They are a good company. The product when applied right, looks amazing.

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